Dallas Cowboys Will Greg Hardy End Up Being Re-Signed Greg Hardy was a free agency acquisition by the Dallas Cowboys last offseason and it was a chance for him to prove that he could get his life and career back on track.David Johnson Jersey Unfortunately, Hardy didn’t show that and instead was a major issue for the Cowboys. He did make a positive impact on-the-field for the Dallas defense,Mark Sanchez Jersey but he was also an issue off-the-field. Now the question becomes, will Jerry Jones and the Cowboys opt to re-sign Hardy in NFL free agency?Tony Romo Jersey Dallas certainly hasn’t shown much interest in bringing Hardy back this offseason. Jones hasn’t shut down the possibility either, but simply looking at the situation it doesn’t make sense.Victor Cruz Jersey That being said, has Jones ever been the type of owner to make sense in the past? Last season with the Cowboys,Eddie Lacy Jersey Hardy ended up playing in 12 regular season games. He totaled 35 tackles, 6.Michael Oher Jersey0 sacks, a forced fumble and an interception. Those numbers show the type of impact that Hardy is still more than capable of making an impact on a defense,Julian Edelman Jersey which will make teams consider putting up with his attitude away from the game. Hardy ended up signing a one-year, $11.Richard Sherman Jersey3 million contract last offseason with the Cowboys. They decided to give him the contract even after he had been suspended for domestic violence. Looking ahead at the remainder of the free agency period,Ben Roethlisberger Jersey it wouldn’t be shocking to see Dallas bring him back for another year or two. They need pass rushing help and he is the best available. Hardy’s price tag likely won’t be too terribly high either and Jones is not scared to make moves that are viewed as negative in the public eye.Andy Dalton Jersey At this point in time, the Cowboys are going to have quite a few weaknesses in their defense. Bringing Hardy back could be exactly what Dallas needs to do to fix one of them.